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Storing blood.

Saving lives.

Cold Storage and Transportation for Biomaterials in Austere Environments


Survival Rates

  • The leading cause of preventable death to soldiers and civilians in combat zones since before WWII has been massive blood loss due to traumatic injury.

  • Over 10% of Helo Transported patients require blood transfusions for survival with 400k medical flights annually. 

  • Current Products are big and bulky, and are not designed to be individually carried and monitored for cold chain custody. 

What is the HemaPorter

& LifeDock

Blood, or “LifeBlood,” is a precious resource, is extremely supply limited, and cannot be wasted. It deserves the best protection possible from the donor to the recipient. On the battlefield, the blood supply can make a difference between life and death and it has been shown to extend the "Golden Hour."


BioMaterials including Blood require different specific environmental conditions when being stored or transported. The HemaPorter stores and keeps biomaterials cool and when docked on the LifeDock the HemaPorter can stay cool indefinitely. 



Stores Blood Products, Vaccines, Pharmaceutical 

Smart Tech

Tracks and Relays Environmental Conditions information to the user so you can know your payload conditions before use. 

Portable Cooling

Portable Refrigeration by the LifeDock keeps the HemaPorter when docked


Alerts user if payload  is out of range set by the user for each type payload.


Designed with the Battlefield and Austere Environments in mind.

Mission Dependent

Drone Capable - Ready to Drone drop bio-materials in remote areas.


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